Tried something with custom mob to fix the lag issue. Please tell me if you notice a change with how the mob behave.

Fixed regeneration from garden and colossus , it will no longer work while the wonder is building.

Fixed wonder buff not going away on liberation/revolution until a reboot.

Fixed wonder buff not being applied if you made a town after the wonder was completed until a reboot.

Fixed wall protected block from not becoming stonebrick once damaged.

Fixed stable/shipyard not having town listed in the npc.


Reduced regeneration from garden and colossus to 1hp every 4 seconds instead of 1hp every second.

Garden regen will now work in the host town culture instead of claimed land.

Increased bakery chance for bonus bread per level to 10% from 5%.

Structure won't be demolished directly once they are outside culture instead they will be flagged and the town will be warned. If they are still outside culture at the next hourly tick it will be destroyed without refund. Trade outpost are still disabled if outside culture.