CivilizationCraft 2.4.3 Update #9

[Admin] qcpepsi A
pepsiqc @ CivilizationCraft 2.4.3
posted Wed at 6:00

Change : 

  • Hanging Gardens hunger buff is now a global effect instead of inside friendly culture borders.
  • Hanging Garden now increase pasture and cottage multiplier by 0.25
  • Notre Dame changed buff from +20% faith (minimum of +1) toward faith race to +25% faith earned.
  • Spy damage toward wonder is now limited to 2 per hit maximum.
  • New command /res outlaw : tell you in which town you are an outlaw.
  • You are now able to see when a citystate/civilization will be disbanded via /civ show.

Bug Fixed :

  • Fixed tower being able to shot even if they were destroyed.
  • Fixed tower being able to be destroy more than once.
  • Fixed library message when you are missing trade goods (it was asking for more beaker)
  • Fixed /civ online 
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed player to bypass limit between tower to make them closer than they should by using another town. I suggest demolishing one of them urself otherwise both will be gone soon.
  • Fixed bankrate being wrong when you had multiple buff. (economics,globe theatre,taxation)
  • Fixed stable/shipyard distance formula. You should be able to teleport to a town A from B if you are able to teleport to town B from A
  • Fixed townhall not gaining bonus hp when another townhall from the same civilization was already conquered this wartime.It only affect base town.
  • Fixed a bug with the great pyramids , it won't decrease your respawn time by half anymore sorry.
  • Tentative fix for the invisiblity glitch that occured last wartime. Due to the nature of the glitch we cannot replicate it.
Ariktor Thanks for the great work 4Head